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May 22, 2012

Zahra Suratwala

I Speak for Myself Volume 2

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I decided to come out of hiding to announce that my 2nd book, "All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim", the 2nd volume in the I Speak for Myself series, is being released June 1st!

Check out to order the book :)

by ZP ( at May 22, 2012 12:10 AM

May 21, 2012

Moiz Nagpurwala

Saifee Surka

Seth Bhaijibhai bin Kadibhai-Karachi


Seth Bhaijibhai bin Kadibhai
Vafat: 2 Rajab 1268 H. [1853 A.D.] Karachi


  • Seth Bhaijibhai bin Kadhibhai ni viladat 1213 H. ma Mandvi [Kutch-india] ma thai.
  • Naani umare Mandvi chhori Karachi vasayu. Pehla nokri ane pachhi vepar shuru kido.
  • Logo ma aap ghana imandar, parhezgar, deendar, aabid ane ek sachabola insan tarike mashhoor thaya.
  • Aap na be bairo hata, ane te beve na zhagda na lidhe aap ghano waqt Masjid ma gujarta. [Aaj ye masjid Karachi ma Ibrahim Masjid tarike mashhoor chhe.]
  • 2 Rajab 1268 H. ma Karachi ma cholera ma vafat thaya.
  • Te waqt Karachi ma khas qabrastan nohtu, te si aap na khas makan si thore duur aap ne dafan kida.
  • Aqa moula t.u.s. yahan ziyarat kidi chhe. [ see photo ]
  • Aap na qabr par Roza chhe. Aap ni ghani mannat chale chhe.

    From: Karachi Jamat Safrnama-1383 H.

    Mulla Saifuddin Surka n.k.d. Ahmedabad
additional information  sent by Zainab (Zainy) Mohammed Anaaswala from Dallas Jamaat...

May 21, 2012 06:19 AM

Syedi Abdulqadir bin Al Qazi al Hafiz Syedi Habibullah al Walid Pune

Syedi Abdulqadir bin Al Qazi al Hafiz Syedi Habibullah al Walid
(d.1263 A.H,) Pune, India
zaman: 47th Dai, S.A.Qadadir Najmuddin r.a.

  From: "Qazi Dr. Shaikh Abbas Borhany" <>
To: DBNet <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 19:11:28 +0000
Subject: [DBNET] [SOCIAL] The Medicinal uses of Attar: from the Yemeni Treatise
  • Introduction of the Writer of the Yemeni Treatise on Attar:

    Syedi Abdulqadir bin Al Qazi al Hafiz Syedi Habibullah al Walid (d.1263 A.H, Pune, India) was a descendent of the Ismaili Musta’alavi Du’aat from the notable clan of “Aal al Walid”[1].
  • When the seat of the Ismaili Musta’alavi Dawah [2] was transferred to Gujrat, India, in the year 946 (A.H), seven prominent Ulama of high repute from his family managed the office of the Dawah in Yemen, one after the other as Wali al Yemen. [3]
  • Learned writer of “As-Sirah-ar-Radiyah” wrote about him that Syedi Abdulqadir Ibn al Mafsuh al Qazi...

May 21, 2012 05:55 AM

May 18, 2012

Saifee Surka

Rajab ul Asab -Urs

Rajab ul Asab -Urs



Doat Zaman

Vafat H.



  Viladat - M. Ali s.a.

Makkah 13

  Wafat- M. Zainab binte M. Ali a.s.

62 Qahera


  Babul Abvab, Jafar bin Mansoor-ul-Yemen,



 Seth Bhijibhai Kadibhi updated 47 1268



 Syedi Hasanji Badshah a.q. updated 35 1102



 37ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Noormohd. Nooruddin r.a.  updated   1130



 Fatema Aaisaheba Aqee...

May 18, 2012 05:22 AM

Qazi-e Hajaat, Mazoon e Dawat, Syedi Husain najle Dail Ajal 9ma dai, Syedna Ali bin Mohammed Hanzala Shebani r.a.yemen

Qazi-e Hajaat, Mazoon e Dawat,

Syedi Husain
najle Dail Ajal 9ma dai, Syedna Ali bin Mohammed Hanzala Shebani r.a.

: 25 Jamadil Ukhra, 677 H. 1279 A.D. Yemen

Zaman: 9ma Dai, Syedna Ali bin Mohammed Hanzala Shebani r.a.

  • 9ma Dai, Syedna Ali bin Mohammed Hanzala Shebani r.a. na zaman ma jivare Zaidio no zulm ghano vadhi gayo, tivare  Dai apna ahlo ayal ne lai Urus pdhara ane sana'a ma aap na mazoon syedi Husain a.q. ne saghla umur sonpa.
  • Sheikh Asad aap ni muavenat ma rahya.
  • Aap  Dai, Syedna Ali r.a. ni hayati maj vafat thaya.
  • Syedna ne ghano sadmo pohncho, ane aap ghana roya chhe, ane aap ye Syedi Husain na marasiya likha chhe.
  • Aap na farzand 10ma dai, Dail Ajal Syedna Ali chhe.
  • Sighatul-el-Yemen....Dawate Hadiyah, 1416 H.

  • Akhbar-e-Hudat-e-Yemen 2007

  • naeem e sahar- articles on Yemen


May 18, 2012 05:18 AM

May 17, 2012

Tasneem Jamali

"Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live". -Jacqueline Winspear

by Tasneem ( at May 17, 2012 01:26 AM

May 08, 2012

Taher Suratwala

I had no idea...

I've been writing this blog for long enough that I barely recognize the perspective that I used to have.  I wrote this 8 years ago about me palying with my then baby niece.  In in I wrote something suggesting I might understand and appreciate what it means to be a parent and love your kid.  I had no idea.  I've done lots of diapers and been there for pretty much everything that happens in the first 4 years.  I think I can appreciate what a person will do for their kids, though I'll probably look back at this post 8 years and roll my eyes just as much as I did  just now.

I love being able to glimpse the thoughts I had a long time ago.  I'm glad I've been writing these posts.

by Taher ( at May 08, 2012 06:21 PM

May 07, 2012

Taher Suratwala

Early bird

A new morning routine has developed at home over the last couple weeks and it is awesome!  I've made my start a little earlier and at first I was waking up a little groggy, but my new morning is fantastic and well worth getting up early for. 

Every morning Nooriya wakes up and wants me to lie with her in my bed next to her and her Dora doll for a few minutes and she stays with me with me as I get ready for work.  I have very little privacy, but it is well worth it.  Yusuf then joins us and he sits with me while I do Quran.  After we're all (or most of us) are all changed the four of us have breakfast together.

Not to future me: don't mess with the mornings, this start makes my day.

by Taher ( at May 07, 2012 05:59 PM

May 05, 2012

Shabbir Poonawala

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Airport Nagpur on Tez News Channel

Yes friends, its May 06, 2012, and it was Nagpur Airport on the Tez Channel from 1.09am to 1.11am (approx timings).

But, very sorry to note that they are showing potholes on International Airport.

Grow up Nagpur.. grow up.


by SP at May 05, 2012 07:44 PM

Saifee Surka

Syedi Alibhai Shaheed a.q.Kamlapur [near Indore]


Syedi Alibhai Shaheed a.q.
bin Syedi Shamskhan,
Vafat 15 Jamadil Ukhra, Kamlapur [near Indore]

Zaman: 34ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Ismail Badruddiin r.a.

  • Syedi Alibhai Shaheed a.q. Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed r.a. ni nasal si chhe. Syedi Yusufji a.q. [madfoon- Shajapur] aap na biradar chhe.
  • Aap Ujjain si Kamlapur Dawat vaste aavela.  Aap na saath bija teen chaar sahebo Vajebat lai vapasi ma "Son Kutchh" gaam no qasad kido. Rasta ma lootaro [robbers] ye aap na maal asbaab luti lida, ane aap ne ane saghla sahebo ne Shaheed kida.
  • Kamlapur na Mumineen ne khabar milta aap na jussa mubarakah ne Kamlapur ma dafan kida. Bija sahebo ne bhi yahan duuri par dafan kida.
  • Aap Saheb-e-Mojezaat chhe. Ankho vaste aap ni mannat le chhe.
  • Aap ni qabr par Qubba bana hua chhe.
  • Kamlapur Indore ni najdeek chhe.


Tarmalji ----> Moulai Fakhruddin Shaheed r.a. (Madfoon- Galiakot)---->Moulai Dawo...

May 05, 2012 06:28 AM

Ahmedabad-Ziyarat- Syedna Jalal r.a. na Mazar



Ziyarat- Syedna Jalal r.a. na Mazar



May 05, 2012 06:04 AM

27ma Dai,Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah Burhanuddin r.a.Ahmedabad

27ma Dai, Dail Ajal,
Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah Burhanuddin r.a.       

Vafat: 15 Jamadil Ukhra, 1021 H. 1612 A.D. Ahmedabad

For ahmedabad photos, pl refer  "Photos" section on the site:


  • Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah Burhanuddin r.a. ni viladat 23 Rabiul Awwal 945 H. Ahmedabad ma thai. Ma Saheba nu naam Gauribu binte Aliji chhe, je Hafizul Quran tha. Ghani chhoti umr ma Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah Burhanuddin r.a. ye bhi Quran-e-Majeed hifz kida hata.
  • 21 varas ni umare aap ye Haj kidi, te baad Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a. ni hazrat ma Yemen padhara, ane  ilm hasil kidu.
  • Aap na zaman ma Suleiman ni fitnat barpa thai. Suleiman ye aap na maqam no inkar kido, ane khud Dai no daavo kido. Haq na Dai ne ane Mumineen ne...

May 05, 2012 04:03 AM

May 02, 2012

Mohammed Talib

Facebook Interaction


Comments are more fun than ‘likes’.

‘Likes’ fly by. Acknowledgment without interaction.  Perfunctory registration of interest, amusement or appreciation.  All our good thoughts blended into the mushiness of ‘like’.  All those infinitely individual positive reactions lost

Transmogrified into a fleeting flicker of interaction.

Little given, little gained.

Why not do a little bit more? Say a few words. Be yourself. Write what you think (even if what you think is "i like that").

Leave behind a comment.

A comment is – usually – substantive. It interacts with what has been said. It interacts with the people – yes people – who came before. It walks in their footsteps. It takes them in new directions.

A comment creates a platform for other comments. Threads grow from the first comment. Sometimes a spark yields a fire. Sometimes a joke is born with a life of its own. Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, something special might happen.

Give a little more. Get back a little more.

No universe of ‘likes’ can match that.

Post something back.  Engage with the things other people want to share.  Be bold. Be daring. Be yourself. Say what you think.

Leave a comment.

by mtalib at May 02, 2012 02:31 PM

May 01, 2012

Saifee Surka

Shahzada HatimBS Hamiduddin DM, Mumbai

sent by

Murtaza M Raja ✆

4:29 PM (1 hour ago)



to me  Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 4:29 PM


Shahzada HatimBS Hamiduddin DM

Rehlat:  8 J.Ukhra, 1433, Mumbai




1. Born on 1 Shavval,1348 on the day of Eid ul fitr. 1st march,1930. As such 85 years old.
2. Very proficient in Arabic, English and Urdu language. worked as professor in Mumbai's
     St.Xavier's College.
3. Avery wellknown historian, and a very learned person. Always busy doing studies (mutaleo)
    of dawat Kutub and other books concerning Dawat.
4. Deeni qualification " Al alimul Bare". Educationally he has done M.A/.B.Ed..
5. Has written many books on Nabi, Vasi, Imam and Dai's ruhani manzelat. some of them
    are part of syllabus in our school curriculum.( one of them is Yaqeen ni vato in very fluent
    language and another one was " a Golden vision" ...

May 01, 2012 04:13 AM

April 29, 2012

Asgar F (Mind Mints)



Today 8th Jumadil Akhar 1432 H Sunday 29th April 2012 a radiant personality of the Burhani Daur passed away at Mumbai. Khuda taala Huzurala Tus ne aap na Mansoos Tus, Sadaat Kiram, Qasre ali Sahebo ane tamam dawat na logo ne, mumineen ne Sabre jamile ataa karjo.  (Ack: Zeninfosys)

On this sad day I recollect the I'lmi lecturers I was blessed to attend in the late 1980 during the kiyam sharif of late Shz: Saheb at Kolkata.  The lectures were held at a Business Conference  Hall at Clive Row, in the business district. 

The lectures had a profound impact on me, and still to this day I recollect, walking back all the way home, reflecting on them, completely lost in thought, and feeling elated as I walked back all alone through the nearly empty business district, as the lectures were held late in the evening. 

As a tribute to  the glowing memory of late Shz: Saheb Professor Hatimbhai Saheb,  I share with my readers, an article I had written during that period entitled IMAN based on his lectures. 

IMAN  is timeless and the word itself, is so full of meaning, that a single English word, can never do full justice. It is difficult to translate, well neigh impossible. 

IMAN  is part and parcel of a true devout mumin. In its very essence the heart and mind of Islam. 

As stated earlier, as a single English word cannot do justice to the word IMAN , it is better and more appropriate  to arrive at the meaning of IMAN by looking at the various aspects of the word. 

IMAN  when considered as a noun means 'divine faith'. It should be clarified that, it is not merely faith , or in a simpler term belief, but it is more than that, something more pure, something more spiritual, a thing a faith - that leads you, a true mumin to Eternity. IMAN makes you timeless in one sense. 

From another angle, when IMAN when considered as an active noun implies that a devout mumin bears witness to the Truth ( the word Truth is more appropriate than fact) that there is no god but ALLAH  and that Muhammad (SA) is his Messenger, his Rasul, that Maulana Ali (SA) is the Guardian, the undisputed custodian of Authority. A true mumin bears witness to the Truth in the Hour ( the Day of Judgement) Jannat and Jahannam are reality. The affirmations made each day in repeated recitation of 'tahiyyat'. 

IMAN  is also a system. It has different ranks, different groups, primarily not determined by wordl affluence, but only by quantum of divine and spiritual intelligence and piety. In the system of IMAN, there are two different ranks of mumineen. 

1. Those having shortcomings - for them there is much to learn. They have to aspire for knowledge, only by which, they can make true progress in the realm of IMAN. Only clear thinking and the pursuit  for the Truth will help them in reaching the higher status. 

2. The higher status comprises of mumineen, who have acquired the correct knowledge by their untiring efforts and have strived to know the truth, or more precisely those that know Ta'wil - which means the origin of Truth. 
 Article from my Diary. 

by MIND MINTS ( at April 29, 2012 08:17 AM

Saifee Surka

Moulai Hasan ane Moulai Raj na Mazar AHMEDABAD


Moulai Hasan ane Moulai Raj na Mazar


Qubba Mubarak ma, Maulai Hasan bin Moulai Adam (a.q.), ane  Moulai Raj Shaheed bin Moulai Hasan (a.q.) ni Quboor chhe. [Huzure Aala t.u.s yahan Sajdo dai ne ziyarat kare chhe] Aap Moula bayan ma aksar farmave chhe ke jo aa Moula Raj na hota to apan mumin na rehta.

Bahar sahan ma, <........  chhatri ma teen Shohoda, Mulla Raj Shaheed , ane ek Shaheed ni Quboor chhe. [Aa panch Shohoda ne Jafar ni fitnat ma Shafa na waqt shaheed karva ma aaya hata.]

Part I 

Moulai Raj-Hasan na Qubba si pachhal utri ne  jaata,

saamne ek mohti chhatri ma Ganje Shohoda madfoon chhe. Aa Shohoda ghani mohti ginti ma hata ane Jafar ni Fitnat ma Shaheed thaya chhe.
Magrib taraf
pachhal, ek qabr chhe, te Sheikh Fakhruddin ni chhe. aap Fozala ma si tha. Qabr par naam chhe.

Ganje Shohoda si niche utarata, pehli qabr, Almoula Qazi Ahmed...

April 29, 2012 05:43 AM

Ganje Shohoda a.q. Ahmedabad

Ganje Shohoda a.q. 
urs: 14 Jamadil Ukhra, Ahmedabad


                                           For Ahmedabad mashhad photos, pl click or copy-paste on the site:


  • Ahmedabad ma Qutbi Mazar ma, Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah r.a. na Qubba si niche utarta , west ma ek chhatri ma Ganje Shohadah madfoon chhe.
  • Gujarat na sultan Muzaffarshah III na Zaman ma Mumineen ne ghani taklif p...

April 29, 2012 05:15 AM

April 28, 2012

Saifee Surka

Breakfasts in different parts of the world.......INTERESTING!!

01. English Breakfast   02. Breakfast in Iran   03. Cuban Breakfast   04. Polish Breakfast   05. Quick Spanish Breakfast   06. Delicious Moroccan Breakfast   07. Excellent Hawaiian Breakfast   08. Swedish Breakfast   09. Icelandic Breakfast   10. Breakfast in Portugal   11. Breakfast in Australia   12. Brazilian Breakfast   13. Italian Breakfast   14. Welsh Breakfast   15. Breakfast in Denmark   16. Filipino Breakfast   17. Breakfast in Alaska   18. The traditional German Breakfast   19. The famous American Breakfast   20. French Breakfast   21. Breakfast in India   22. Scottish Breakfast &nb...

April 28, 2012 11:24 AM

April 27, 2012

Taher Suratwala

There will come a day...

Today when I left for work Nooriya was in diapers and when I get home from work she won't be.  Potty training starts today.  A small part of me is feeling thrilled that I won't really have diapers in my life.

When Yusuf left diapers I remember being thrilled, we had half as much stuff to carry around and worry about.  It was so liberating.  One kid out of diapers, but we still had one in diapers.  We still had plenty of stuff left.  This time we're getting to almost no stuff to think about. 

On the whole, it'll be nice to not have to do diapers.  But I'm not thrilled; mostly, I'm kinda bummed today.  Today Nooriya starts to not need diapers and changing her diaper is just one less thing she needs from me.

Today diapers...Tomorrow?

by Taher ( at April 27, 2012 05:05 PM

Shabbir Poonawala


During a short period of two months, this was my second visit to Gujarat. The direct base being Ahmedabad, and then short trips to Denmal and Balasinor, which my accompanies had been to Denmal and Surat.

Ahmedabad and Denmal was a religious visit while Balasinor was a friend’s marriage.

Gujarat progress is real good, with even Volkswagen show rooms in small towns near Ahmedabad, like the one I saw in Mehsana. Well, that’s the power of Dollar and Pounds (as the car driver said to me).

Some photographs:

2012-04-25 07.58.09 2012-04-25 08.00.10 2012-04-25 08.00.38 2012-04-25 10.56.02 2012-04-25 11.10.32 2012-04-25 15.48.25 2012-04-25 16.28.19 2012-04-25 17.40.06 2012-04-26 18.40.02

by SP at April 27, 2012 01:20 PM

April 24, 2012

Mohammed Talib

Speed Friending

Have you ever experienced that feeling of making a new friend too fast? That sensation that you ought to pull away from someone cause you?  That, maybe, even though things have gone smoothly so far, its still risky to be going out on a limb so fast for someone so new?

I’m not talking about an acquaintance here. Not that ‘oh this person was interesting I’d like to get to know them better’ feeling or the ‘we have a lot in common feeling’ but the actual transformation from being a name you’d vaguely heard of into a proper – trusted – friend within days.

I’ve had that sensation twice that has stuck in my recollection. Both times were such different experiences.

The first time, the urge to pull back was spot on.  I was under the delusion that the person I was dealing with was fundamentally a good person. They were, however, a bit lost and a bit clueless. Instead it turned out that there were levels to them that I  hadn’t appreciated. 

I empathised with this person, who faced, timidly the usual challenges inherent to new things:  uncertainty, insecurity,  a sense of being out of depth and the need for approval.  I was right. These things did exist.  What I didn’t understand was how deep rooted it was in their character.

How these traits manifested was unforeseen. Instead of positivity, rising to the challenge, knowing that it takes time and being willing to work on things, I learned lessons about self-interest, manipulation, false-facing and ruthlessness that I never expected to encounter.

I had to pull back and asses the dynamic of the relationship. Was I a fly in some complex web, a tool to an end or a easily duped patsy? Neither one. And so the shields had to come back up.  The distance had to be reasserted.  They had to be told (eventually) that there wasn’t a friendship left here. Which was an awkward conversation to have.

The second time the urge to pull back came the situation was remarkably different. I hadn’t seen, and haven’t seen, anything that suggests to me that there was before me anything but a honest person. Someone who understood that they have demons, that everyone has demons, and that life is what happens whilst your demons gnaw at you in secret and you ignore them. 

A person who I enjoyed spending time with, who had a think skin to insult, a willingness to dish it back, a sense of humour, a sense of perspective and shared interests. This confluence meant that we often defaulted to each other’s company.

In spite of this, I still felt the urge to pull back. That urge was rooted in me. There was a little voice in my head, that finds it wrong to spend so much time with a new person.

It speaks, in the same voice that saved me before, that this was another new person.  I don’t know them as well as I think I do. There were risks associated with that lack of knowledge. I should pay attention to those risks this time.  That somehow, objectively, it was improper to spend so much time with a new person.

That voice is right. To an extent. Insofar as the past is a predictor of the present (ask your investment advisor all about it) I should learn the lesson about going too fast. I shouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

At the same time, I feel like every person is different, and every person deserves to be treated differently. I can’t refuse to extend someone new the same trust because some one else couldn’t appreciate it (funny how I keep trying to transform matters of feeling and intuition into matters of principle).

To an extent, it’s also about how I see myself. I don’t want to be that person who stops trusting new people even though I like them. I’ve seen the effects of loosing the ability to make new friends, and welcome new people, first hand.

I don’t want to go down that route.

by mtalib at April 24, 2012 02:57 PM

Asgar F (Mind Mints)


The barakaat of Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah in Kolkata has finally reached 100% households in the city. Mubarak ! Mubarak ! Kudos to all those who have actively associated with  FMB  under the kiyadat of  Amil Saheb Janab Yusuf Bs Mohiyuddin (DM) and very active participation of Janab Musta'ali Bs Mohiyuddin (DM)

 It is heartening to note that more and more mumineen are getting associated and the entire 'mohim' which is now well regulated and coordinated. Sharing  photos, so that other centres may also benefit
Readers of my post, are welcome to share their personal experiences by commenting on the post. 

                                  100% mumineen housholds are receiving Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah Barakaat
                                   The distribution system is streamlined.  Each packet contains 10 foil packed bags.

The packets are awaiting transportation to different locations around the metropolis, where Tanzeem members ensure smooth distribution.

  Is it just rice ?  It is an elixir, and more and more evidence is coming from around the world of the barakat emanating by partaking of the ' Thali' 

                       The Central coordinating office Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah - Saifee Masjid

by MIND MINTS ( at April 24, 2012 06:01 AM

Saifee Surka

47ma Dai Dail Ajal, Syedna Abdulqadar Najmuddin r.a. Ujjain

                        47ma Dai, Dail Ajal,  
Syedna Abdulqadar Najmuddin r.a.                              
najle Syedna Taiyeb Zainuddin r.a.
 Vafat:  26 Rajabul Asab 1302H. 1885 A.D. Ujjain

Daur 45 yrs

         S.Abdulqadar Najmuddin saheb r.a.                            Mazar at night          &nb...

April 24, 2012 05:51 AM

Moulana Salman al Faarsi r.a.Madayen-nr Najaf

Moulana Salman al Faarsi r.a.

Vafat: 36 H. Madayen, Iraq

  • Moulana Salman alfaarsi r.a. nabiullah Moulana Suleiman a.s. ni nasal ma si tha. Aap ni kunyat " Abu Abdullah " hati. Aap Rasulullah s.a. na ashab jaleel tha. Aap ye Rasulullah s.a. ni ta'at ane khidmat ma voh maqam haasil kido ke Rasulullah s.a. farmave chhe ke  " Salman  minna ahlulal bayt " [ salman hamara thaki chhe, hame to kaun ke ahle bayt.]
  • Salman r.a. ke je Farsi tha, Islam ye temni qadar ne buland kidi. ane Abu Lahab ke je banu Quresh no tho magar shirk ye tehne nicho kari dido.
  • Rasulullah s.a. jivare hijrat kidi ane Madina padhara, te waqt Salman r.a. Islam laya.
  • Salman r.a. ye Rasulullah s.a. ni shaan na bara ma Eisa nabi s.a. na daur na kaik logo si sunu hatu.
  • Rivayat ma chhe ke Salman r.a. " Badar " ni jang ma hajir hata. te baad aap no koi bhi mashhad fauq nathi thayo.
  • Aap Amirul Mumineen s.a. na mukhlis shia tha. Dushmano par ajab shaan si hujat karta. Rasulullah s.a. ye Amirul Mumineen s...

April 24, 2012 04:54 AM

April 23, 2012

Saifee Surka

Moze Hanana Najaf

Moze Hanana 


  • Moze Hanana vaste  em kehvama aave chhe ke Amirul Mumineen a.s. na janaza ne jivare Kufa si Najaf-e-Ashraf taraf lai java ma ayaa, tivare yahan Khajuri na jhar tha, te  Amirul Mumineen a.s.  taraf Hanain si maael thaya, ane rova no avaz kido, tesi aa moze ne Hanana kahe chhe.
  • Imam Husein a.s. na ahle Bayt na kafela ne dushmano Shaam taraf  lai  gaya tivare Imam Husein a.s. na raas mubarak ne yahan ek raat vaste rakhva ma ayaa hata.
  • Moulana Jaferus Sadiq a.s. yahan tashreef lavta tha.


  • Al Barakaate val qorobaat,1430 H.-Najaful Ashraf,P. 156 [faize huseini ni najaf ni mansak]

Please feel free to copy any part or section of this article and transfer, publish, post, print, or distribute on any other media or web.  No prior permission required.
Mulla Saifuddin Surka n.k.d. Ahmedabad

aa akhbar mart site par

April 23, 2012 12:21 PM

Moulana Qais bin Mushhar-kufa

Moulana Qais bin Mushhar
Shahadat:Zilhaj 60 H.- Kufa

  •  Qais bin Mushhar neImam Huein a.s. ye Muslim bin Aqeel r.a. ni khabar vaste Kufa mokla hata.Aap Kufa pohncha to Muslim shaheed thai chuka hata.
  • Laeen Ubaidullah ye aap ne mimber par chari ne Imam Husein a.s. par laanat  parhvano hukam kido.
  • Aap ye Ubaidullah par laanat parhi.
  • Laeen Ubaidullah ye aap ne kotha par si giravi shaheed kida.


  • Al Barakaate val qorobaat,1430 H.-Najaful Ashraf,P. 157 [faize huseini ni najaf ni mansak]

  • 'Karbala' by Asger Alibhai Dhinojwala, 1381 H. [published by Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Society, Mumbai]

  • Birhat-ul-Baytul Muqaddas va Shaam val Urdun Part 1 & 2
  • Safare Maimoon- Karachi ni safar, [gujarati]......1396 H.
  • Teebo Anbae Mavlanal Manaam fi ziyarate l Muqaddas..... Madarise Imaniyah, Karachi 1416 H.
  • 'Karbala' by Asger Alibhai Dhinojwala, 1381 H. (Gujarati ) [published by Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Society, Mumbai]

Ashaab ane Hudud
Ashaab ane Hudud, Dawat na safinah ne bachavta g...

April 23, 2012 11:44 AM

April 21, 2012

Mohammed Talib

A Death Full of Meaning

The Romans had a fine tradition of never presuming to write a man’s (it was always a man’s)  biography until he died. I have become convinced of the wisdom of this tradition.

Death changes how we understand life.

Death is the final point within any individuals story. We know that wherever the narrative arc begins, no matter where we find the stage of the story now, its ultimate destination is death’s door.

How, when, why the story reaches its end can change depending on the circumstances. An unfortunate child might grasp a few breaths between its first and last. A fortunate one might stretch that gap by more than a 100 years. An unfortunate one might endure decades of drudgery, ill-health and oppression. A fortunate one might endure decades of wealth, status and health before contently finding a culmination to life. Having lived these different trajectories, each of these lives will end up at the same final point.

To us, all these differences, differences in our comparative trajectories, are important. When, how why, what of our lives and deaths are what we consider to be life’s most relevant particulars. But that does not let us shrink, and we should not shrink, from the central truth. That this narrative arc – this story we are living, which that disembodied voice in our head narrates and  calls our lives – ends in the certainty of death’s embrace.

On one level, is it not astounding that we get to live stories that end entirely predictably? Everyone can predict -  how anyone – everyone – else’s story will end.

On another level, it seems to be trite to me that if we know how our story ends, then doesn’t the ending affect how we decide to live? Doesn’t this certainty have any effect on the choices we make now?

It must have that effect, The finite nature of life skews how we live it. In the same way that knowing the ending of a novel changes how we appreciate the book, knowing the end of our lives  affect how we live our lives.

For me, reeling from a year where death has been a tangible experience, a recurring theme, I’m still trying to reconstruct that lesson to my own satisfaction.

There are the trite things that people say. On their death bed, no one ever wished they’d spent another day at the office. On their death bed, no one ever wished they’d done more work. On their death bed, no one ever wished they’d eaten more junk food. That kind of thing.

For my part, I feel this realisation has  intensified my appreciation for life. Things I put up with or am a part of  now seem empty to me. I’m trying so hard to focus upon the things that have meaning.

Which isn’t easy to do, since its hard to be sure what, if anything, has any meaning. Sure things have a meaning because society, tradition, culture or religion imbue them with meaning or say they have meaning. And some things have meaning on a materialistic level, in that they are needed to sustain life.

On the same level, it isn’t easy to intuit what test I’m meant to use to decide whether something has meaning – or even worse – sufficient meaning. Some things, intellectually, have meaning. Some things, emotionally, have meaning. Some things, spiritually, have meaning.

Little feels like it has sufficient meaning. For me this is the enduring challenge, that there is very little sufficient meaning to be found.

That makes it nigh impossible to keep living as normal.

by mtalib at April 21, 2012 04:53 PM

Saifee Surka

Moulana Rushyd al Hajari r.a.kufa

Moulana Rushyd al Hajari r.a.

  • Moulana Rushyd al Hajari Bahrain na hajar gaam na hata. Aap Farsi tha, ane ansar ma si baad na gulam tha.
  • Aap Rasulullah s.a. na saath uhad na jang ma hajir hata. Nabi saheb s.a. ye aap ne " Abu Abdullah' ni kunyat bakhsi hati., jo ke aap ne haji koi farzand nohta.
  • Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. ye Moulana Rushyd al Hajari ne Ilm-o-Manaya va Balaya [ bala ane maut kai tarah aavse] sikhyu hatu. Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. Rushyd ne 'Rusyd-Balaya' kahi ne bhi bulavta.
  • Ubaydullah bin Ziyad (lanutallah) ye aap ne Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. ni bara'at no hukam kido. Aap ye himmat ane bahaduri batavi inkar kido. Laeen ye Rushyd na haath paun kapa. Aap farmave chhe ke ay logo mein tamne batavu ke Qayamat na din lag sun banse to laeen ye aap ni zban qate [cut]  kidi, ane aap ne shuli par charaya. Aap ej haal ma raat ma vafat thaya chhe.
  • Reference

    • Al Barakaate ...

April 21, 2012 07:28 AM



Jamadil Ukhra Urs



Doat Daur age

Vafat H.



 Mukasir-e-Dawat, Syedi Shekhadam bin Shk Mithabhai a.q. * 1262



 Syedi Lukmanji bin Mulla Habibullah a.q. *   1173



 Mulla Taiyebbawa bin Mulla Ibrahimji      


12  Syedna Mohammed bin Syedna Qazi Noman, Shaheed r.a. zaman-16ma Imam a.s.     411




 Ganje Shohoda, Muzaffar na Zaman na *    



 Aluji Shaheed a.q. ane Hasanji Shaheed      



 27ma Dai,  Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah  r.a. 22 75 1021



 Moulai Alibhai Shaheed a.q. *



 Moulai Burhanuddin bin Khoj a.q. *    



 Moulai Mulla Adam bin Moulai Dawood a.q. * 980



 42ma Dai,  Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a. 13 3...

April 21, 2012 07:20 AM

Moulana Ahnaf bin Qais r.a. Kufa

Moulana Ahnaf bin Qais r.a.

vafat 67 H.

umr: 70 yrs.

  • Moulana Ahnaf bin Qais r.a. tameem Qabila na sardar tha.
  • Aap Rasulullah s.a. na Ashabi jalil tha.
  • Rasulullah s.a. ye aap na haq ma magferat ni dua farmavi. " Allahimma agfir lil Ahnaf"
  • te baad Ahnaf em kehta ke aa dua mubarak karta mara najdeek koi chhj vadhi ne nathi.
  • Aap nu hilm ane vara itnu ziyada hatu ke hilm ma logo aap ni misal deta.
  • Aap 67 H. ma kufa ma varat thaya chhe. Aap ni umr 70 varas ni hati.
  • Reference

    • Al Barakaate val qorobaat,1430 H.-Najaful Ashraf,P. 125 [faize huseini ni najaf ni mansak]

    • 'Karbala' by Asger Alibhai Dhinojwala, 1381 H. [published by Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Society, Mumbai]

    • Birhat-ul-Baytul Muqaddas va Shaam val Urdun Part 1 & 2
    • Safare Maimoon- Karachi ni safar, [gujarati]......1396 H.
    • Teebo Anbae Mavlanal Manaam fi ziyarate l Muqaddas..... Madarise Imaniyah, Karachi 1416 H.
    • 'Karbala' by Asger Alibhai Dhinojwala, 1381 H. (Gujarati ) [published by Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Society,...

April 21, 2012 07:16 AM

April 20, 2012

Saifee Surka

Moulana Kumayl bin Ziyad r.a.Kufa

Moulana Kumayl bin Ziyad r.a.
Vafat: 82 H. "Suya", Kufa-Najaf



  • Kumayl bin Ziyad ye Rasulullah s.a. na saath 18 varas gyzara, M.Ali na saath Siffin na jang ma aap hazir hata, Imam Hasan a.s. na Ashab hata. Imam Zainul Abedin a.s. na zaman ma aap shaheed thaya chhe.
  • Aap nu watan Yemen chhe. Aap na Qabila ye Islam na shuru ma ghani khidmat kidi chhe. Moulana Malikul Ashtar [ jemni qabr Misr ma chhe] bhi aaj Qabila na hata,
  • Kumayl hamesha Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. ni sohbat ma rehta. M. Ali s.a.  ye aap me kaink favaed bakhsha chhe. M. Ali s.a. ye aap ne "Dua Khidar " sikhavi chhe, je " Dua Kumayl" si mashhoor chhe.
  • Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s. a. ye aap ne Hayt' moze na aamil banaya hata.
  • Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. aap ne Unt [camel] ni savari ma potani saathe rakhta, ane ghana israr [ secrets] batavta. Ilm ni fazilat batavi chhe, ane aainda [future] na umur si wakif kida chhe.
  • Kumayl Oloma ...

April 20, 2012 04:24 AM

April 19, 2012

Mohammed Talib

Show Some Passion!

Recently, I’ve started reading comic books. I got interested in comic books because I watched the AMC TV series Comic Book Men. CBM is a one-hour unscripted television series set inside Kevin Smith‘s comic book shop Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey.

What hooked me about the show was how enthusiastic and passionate everyone is about comic books.

When you come across someone who has real passion for something it transforms how you look at that thing. It rewrites your low-level understanding of it from something that exists (but you don’t particularly know or care that it exists) into something that has depth, nuance, variety and life all of its own. Everything is more alive when you find someone whose passion and knowledge brings it to life before your eyes. Someone who can convey that passion to you through the tone of their voice, the look in their eyes and the breathless catch in their throat.

You come across that kind of passion and you think ‘wow – i wanna try this thing out myself’. Because if it can generate that kind of passion, that kind of enthusiasm, then there is something amazing about this thing. It becomes about learning to see what the enthusiast sees.

After CBM, that’s how I felt about comics.

So I started reading comics. I loved Bone and so has almost every person that I’ve given Bone to read. Beyond that though, I don’t get that kind of excitement from the other books I’ve been reading. I’ve been reading. It turned out that comics aren’t really my thing after all. Without the passion of CBM to sustain the forward momentum it hasn’t been able to catch fire all on its on.

And that’s okay. It would be crazy unrealistic to imagine that every time you came across someone else’s passion that it would ignite the same fire in you. The world is full of passionate people, and their passions are not going to transfer in every instance to you. You couldn’t have a world like that because the diversity and the difference that allows interesting things to happen wouldn’t exist in the first place.

What struck me is how important it is to let your passion show when you talk about whatever that special thing is for you. I find a lot of people are apologetic or even ashamed of their passions – as if they know somehow that they shouldn’t be so passionate about something as an adult.

This is a mistake. It’s not a mistake to be passionate. What people do instead, is to drone on excessively, boringly, uninterestingly, about something that they are passionate about but conceal the passion. They talk too much and show too little.

We should try doing the opposite. To be open, at the right times and places, to express our passion. To not be defensive, not be apologetic, not be ashamed of the driving force that this passion gives us. To not be measured, to not keep a sense of perspective, to not be analytical about it.

I would never have tried comics without the passion of CBM. I won’t become serious about comics, but I will definitely keep it a part of my routine. I’m going to read and occasionally buy comics. Their passion changed my perception permanently about the thing they’re passionate about.

The truth is that most people, even if they don’t care a whit about the things we’re passionate about, will be interested in our passion. They will be curious about what drives such attachment. About the compulsion that ties you to this particular item. About what you’ve experienced and how you’ve experienced it. That’s what makes passion, what makes passion so interesting, and ultimately what makes it possible for anyone to find their passion.

by mtalib at April 19, 2012 02:41 PM

Saifee Surka

Moulana Maisam bin Tammar r.a.-Kufa

Moulana Maisam bin Tammar r.a.

Shahadat 22 Zilhaj 60 H.

  • Moulana Maisam bani asad qabila na ek bairo na  gulam hata. Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. ye te ne kharidi ne azad kida . Naam puchhu to kahe, 'salem' chhe, to Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. ye farmayu ke Rasulullah s.a. mane farmavi gaya chhe ke tamaru naam tamara bavaji ye Maisam rakhu chhe.
  • Amirul Mumineen M. Ali s.a. ye Maisam ne  ilm parhayu ane ghani gayb si vaqif kida.
  • Teni shahadat ni paishgoi bhi kidi. Kai tarah tene suli dai shaheed karse, qaid karine bije din tena munh ma ghora ni lagam bandhse, tena nak ma si khoon girse,  teesra din bhaalo mari ne, ane akhir ma Umar bin Haris na makan ni baju ni khajoori [palm tree] par latkavi ne temne suli charavse. [He will be hanged]
  • Maisam, te khajoori na niche ghani vaar namaz pa...

April 19, 2012 12:48 PM

Moulana Haani bin Urwah a.s. kufa

Moulana Haani bin Urwah a.s.
Shahadat: 8 Zilhaj 60 H.- Kufa

  • Moulana Haani bin Urwah a.s. Rasulullah s.a. na ashabi ma si tha. Amirul Mumineen M. Ali a.s na khas shia tha
  • Imam Husain a.s. na akabir hujuj ma si tha. Aap ye Moulana Muslim bin Aqeel r.a. ne Imam Husain a.s. vaste  ahad aapo,  aap par qurban thaya. Dushmano ye aap ne qatal kari ne aap na jussa mubaraka ne kotha par si phenka.
  • Moulana Haani na saath bija bhi kitnak aap na kholosa shaheed thaya, ye saghla bhi vahan dafan thaya chhe.
  • Aap ne kunasa na bazar ma suli devama aavi, ane aap na jussa mubaraka ne pag si khenchi ne Kufa na bazaro ma phirvvama aaya.


  • Birhat-ul-Baytul Muqaddas va Shaam val Urdun Part 1 & 2
  • Safare Maimoon- Karachi ni safar, [gujarati]......1396 H.
  • Teebo Anbae Mavlanal Manaam fi ziyarate l Muqaddas..... Madarise Imaniyah, Karachi 1416 H.
  • 'Karbala' by Asger Alibhai Dhinojwala, 1381 H. (Gujarati ) [published by Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Society, Mumbai]

Ashaab ane Hudud
Ashaab an...

April 19, 2012 06:44 AM

Moulana Muslim bin Aqeel r.a.

Moulana Muslim bin Aqeel r.a.
Shahadat: 8 Zilhaj 60 H.- Kufa


Muslim bin Aqeel r.a.mazar

  • Moulana Muslim bin Aqeel r.a. ajab shaan na Muslim tha. Aap Hazrate Aqeel [Amirul Mumineen M. Ali a.s. na bhai] na farzand chhe. Amirul Mumineen M. Ali a.s na shehzadi Ruqaiya na shauhar chhe.
  • Muslim bin Aqeel r.a. Imam Husain a.s. na pehla safeer [ambassador] hata. Ahle Bayt na aap pahla shaheed chhe. Aap pehla Hashami chhe, je na raas mubarak ne neza par charavi Shaam lai jai aap na lashah mubarak ne Kufa ni galio ma ghasdvama aaya ane shuli par charaya hata. Te baad qaidkhana ma laavi vahan dafan kida hata.
  • Muslim Kufa na raisul aazam Hani bin Urwah na ghare utra hata. Ubaydullah bin Ziyad ye ek gulam ne 3000 dirham aapi Muslim no patto lagayo. Hani ye inkar kido, to tene nak par lakri mari zakhmi kida. 8000 si 10000 logo bahar jame thai gaya hata. Hani salamat chhe jani te ...

April 19, 2012 05:45 AM

April 18, 2012

Mohammed Talib

"This Sounds Familiar" – Predictability in Fantasy and Science Fiction

You start reading enough fantasy and science fiction novels (and I’ve discovered I like fantasy) you start to see a pattern carved into the generic heart of the genre.

Somehow it seems to be important to forge a protagonist through a particular series of  harsh fires. As if somehow, being unable to have the normal upbringing that most people encounter is a pre-condition to being exceptional.

That pattern has the following cut:

The protagonist is an orphaned child. The early death of parents seems to be the magical catalyst at the start of the story, taking the child and turning it into a hero.  Heliakon (Lord of the Silver Bow) faces the death of his mother.

He (almost always ‘he’) has an exceptional skill, talent or ability. More often than not he has an exceptional bunch of skills, talents and abilities. He is Harry Potter (does he need introduction?)  the wizard. Kvothe (The Name of the Wind)  with his exceptional intellect and fingers. Ender Wiggin (Ender’s Game) with his mind-bending grasp of strategy.  Heliakon with his all-rounder aura of command, royal pedigree, physical strength, mercantile acumen and humanity.

The protagonist enjoys an abysmal, torturous, childhood. He is Harry with the Dursleys. Kvothe in Tarbean.  Heliakon imprisoned in the palace of his cold cruel father.

He is redeemed by education. Harry at Hogwarts. Kvothe at the University. Locke Lamora (The Lies of Locke Lamora) refashioned by Father Chains. Heliakon on the seas with Odysseus.

He grows to define himself by a villain. Kvothe seeks the Chandrian. Locke seeks the Grey King. Ender prepares for the inevitable war against  the aliens. He is Paul Muad’dib (Dune) confronting House Harkonnen.

The mentor is removed. Dumbledore is dead. Father Chains succumbs to old age.

Dear ones are lost due to the actions of the villain. Harry loses Dumbledore. Locke loses all his team except Jean.

There is a climatic battle between protagonist and villain. Harry fights Voldemort. Kvothe, no doubt, will find the Chandrian. The Grey King nearly kills Locke.

The victorious protagonist falls into the swamp of the after-plot. Having defeated the villain that was the focus of his life (and the purpose of the story), the protagonist usually struggles to find any traction in the after-plot world. He is Harry Potter – the minor government functionary. He is Ender, distraught at the xenocide he has perpetrated.  He is Locke at the start of Red Seas, Red Skies – emotionally destroyed at the loss of everything he has struggled to acquire as the final price of victory.

This arc can be played out across one book, a series of books, or it can be extracted so that only part of the narrative arc is shown to the reader. The back-story might be told in a linear fashion, sketched in by reminiscence, narrated by a character created for that purpose or sketched in later where necessary.

I think this happens in fantasy and science fiction for two main reasons. Firstly, the driving desire behind many writers in these genres is to build and communicate a world. This includes elaborate social, cultural, religious and racial distinctions that have no connection with the real world.  When so much energy is diverted into creating a vibrant, different, outside world, it becomes that much harder to carve a truly unique story.

Secondly, this story arc is perhaps the easiest story to write. It’s got a classic direction, a built-in conflict and the conflict is resolved in a set way. Within those confines though, control of who, what, when, where and how is given in almost a limitless way to the author to shape as they see fit.

This generic story arc can only be identified at the generic end of the spectrum and is not true of all fantasy and science fiction. Some of it, some of the very best,  defies outright any attempt  Campellian proto-typing as I have attempted to do here.

You couldn’t reduce Foundation by Isaac Asimov to this kind of abstract. Nor could you boil down most of Philip K. Dick’s work this way. You could try and deconstruct China Mieville in this way, but you wouldn’t get far. And of course, you couldn’t do this to the grand-daddy of all fantasy novels, the Lord of the Rings cycle.

This is what makes some of those books so well recognised as high literature, as stories worthy of reading by all as well as paragons of the fantasy and science fiction genre.

by mtalib at April 18, 2012 03:27 PM

April 16, 2012

Mohammed Talib

This Post Required No Planning

It still shocks me how little planning I encounter everyday. And how unwilling people are to plan. It’s amazing how people just don’t want to accept that a plan might be necessary. Even when things which are fixed, regular and predictable end up causing chaos.

There is a fiction that a plan has to be a grand thing. It has to be coordinated, canvassed, shared, discussed, launched, focus-grouped, drafted, reviewed, revised, incorporated, updated, seek buy-in, obtain input, circulated in draft, re-revised, perfected, issued, implemented, two-week review, three-week review, one month review, revised, re-revised and so on.

Most frustrating, after going through the months of delay to prepare an exquisite plan, is how rarely the plan is graced with matching action. As if the whole reason to have a plan is to say you have a plan and then do what you intended to do all along anyway. In which case, why waste all that time generating a plan?

And  yes I understand why. Human foibles like wanting approval, wanting public endorsement, wanting to have colleague support, perfectionism, ambition and avarice, loosing sight of the goal, the desire to one-up the other and so on  play a part in causing such behaviour.

But, say that you’re that person who actually wants to achieve what they said they’d do and not just talk impressive sounding horse-shit. How do you go about doing that?

From what I have seen, the most successful plans have the following key characteristics:

  1. Plan properly. As the adage goes “if  you fail to plan, you plan to fail”
  2. Plan for today. Any plan that starts in a theoretical place, based on theoretical inputs or on ideal assumptions as to how others will act  is going nowhere.
  3. Prepare a plan quickly. A plan that takes months to prepare is unusable by the time it’s final.
  4. Look unequally into the future. Plans for next week are more detailed than plans for next year.
  5. Assign direct responsibility to an individual. Collective responsibilities are nobody’s responsibilities.
  6. Monitor compliance. A plan with no implementation is a waste of space. A half-implemented plan is a disaster waiting to happen.
  7. Appoint one plan creator. Too many minds is to plans as too many cooks is to broth.
  8. Review a plan using more than one person. Mistakes happen and sometimes, you need to get a third perspective.
  9. An approximate plan, in time, is worth more than a perfect plan a day late. Start working with the plan you have.
  10. Revise a plan when its in use, not before. No plan of action ever survived first contact with the enemy.

Every one of these characteristics your plan lacks increases the chances that you are creating a talking point or an academic exercise, Every failure means that you’re encountering a plan designed to die in committee rather than influence the real world.

On the other hand, if you want to do something, if you want to make something happen, make sure you go about planning it in the right way. Every step you get right will increase your chance of making an impact.

by mtalib at April 16, 2012 03:07 PM

Saifee Surka

Mukasire Dawat, Syedi Shekhadam bin Mithabhai, a.q. Jamnagar

Mukasire Dawat, Syedi Shekhadam bin Mithabhai, a.q.
Vafat: 1 Jamadil Ukhra, 1262 H. 1846 A.D. Jamnagar
Zaman: 47ma Dai, Syedna Abdulqadar Najmuddin r.a.


               for more jamnagar fotos on my site: 
  • Syedi Shekhadam bin Mithabhai, a.q. ye 42ma Dai Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a. si 47ma Dai Syedna Abdulqadar Najmuddin r.a. tak 6 Doat ni  khidmat kidi.
  • Syedna Yusuf r.a. ye aap ne Rasul Hudud banaya, ane Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a. ye aap ne Mukasir na rutba ma charhaya. Te baad, Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin r.a. ni vasiyat mujab Syedna Taiyeb Zainuddin r.a. ne Mukasir no rutbo dido, tivare aap ne Hudud ni tarteeb ma muka. Aap ye Ta'at ni ma'ana [ meaning] adaa kidi, ane qabool kidu.
  • 1 Jamadil Ukhra, 1262 H. aap vafat thaya chhe. Sheikh Abdeali Imaduddin Saheb a.q. ye aap na Marasiyah likha chhe.
  • Aap ni qabr Jamn...

April 16, 2012 12:40 PM

April 10, 2012

Saifee Surka

Seth Chandabhai Karimbhai a.q. Mumbai


Seth Chandabhai Karimbhai a.q.
Vafat 21 Jamadil Ula, Mumbai

51ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Taher Saifuddin r.a

Roza at Badri Mahal, Mumbai
Seth Chandabhai ni qabr

  • Seth Chandabhai Karimbhai  marde mumin deendar tha. Vepari hata. Haq na dhani par fida na thanar tha.
  • Dail Ajal Syedna Taher Saifuddin [r.a.] na zaman ma Chandabhai Galla case thayo. Dushmano ye aap moula ne ne ghani taklif aapva chahyu. Te case ma Dail Mutlaq na martaba par humlo hato. Khuda Ta'ala ye aap ne kamyabi aapi, ane Dawat ni fateh mubin thai.
  • 21 Jamadil Ula, Mumbai ma aap vafat thaya.
  • Mumbai ma aap na mazar, Fort ma Badri Mahal  na niche Masjid na sahan ma  chhe.


Tohfat-o-Akhbarrul Hudat [1414 H.]
nasime sahar magazine-poona

aaakhbar,mariusite par:

mulla Saifuddin surka. ahmedabad


April 10, 2012 04:09 AM

April 08, 2012

Asgar F (Mind Mints)

Marasiya - Abkika Molayal Hussain

NOTE: As there is a problem with line breaks in the post, for easy reading you may click on the below link.

ABKIKA MOLAYAL HUSSAIN is the crowning jewel of Fatemi eulogy. Each verse is a precious and rare gem, full of pathos, pain, yearning and vivid imagery. Each verse is infused with spirituality – the esoteric meanings, the haqaiq – the universal truths radiate in many verses, and the fluidity of narration takes the one who is blessed to recite, through the tragic events of Karbala. One important aspect of ABKIKA that I would like to dwell on in particular, is that the accompanying translation of each verse in lisan ul dawat, is not merely the translation of the Arabic, but it encompasses the thought process of Aqa Moula (TUS) – as he dwelt on the tragic events of Karbala. As he pictured in his minds eye, the thoughts, that arose to me seems to be coming from al-haykal al noorani (the pillar of Light of the effervesce souls) The ta’eed of Imam uz Zaman (SA) is evident. For us mumineen it is a great boon, the recitation of marasiya ABKIKA in Arabic and simultaneously reading the accompanied lisan ul dawat text, which in it self is so poignant and moving, to bring one to tears, and in so doing we get the sawab of doing zikr e Husain (SA) Just sharing one example : In verse 27 the liasan ul dawat translation of lines 4 & 5 read as follows: ‘ ke jeh Imam na a’la maqam par – hajaro sitarao dalalat kare chhe’ but the boon I am referring to is evident that Aqa Moula (TUS) shares his thoughts by giving us more insight into the most exalted station (a’la maqam) of Imam Husain (SA) ‘Kem ke…. He is that galaxy that firmament, that gives rise to thousands of stars, and that process is continuing, thousands of stars are being raised even today. Recent scientific discoveries are stating that the galaxies are expanding at rapid pace. I am not a science student , but the thought process shared by my Aqa Moula (TUS) confirms the fact in the spiritual realm, that yes indeed the galaxies are for ever expanding, more and more luminous stars are being raised, and ABKIKA adds to the luster and radiance. In my earlier post I had shared my ‘taffakur ‘on verse 10. So this is the beauty and power of ABKIKA. The a’la niyat, the desire the yearning of Muqaddas Syedna Taher Moula Saifuddin (RA) expressed in the Marsiya ‘Ya Sayyed- us - Shodaee’ that the zikr of Karbala, for ever remain in the minds of humanity, and through this ‘zikr’ may we full fill our desire to sacrifice on Moula Imam Husain (SA) has found its fulfillment and realization, in the most poignant and moving ilteza repeated at the end of each verse of ABKIKA 'My Moula Husain ! for ever on you, I will shed tears O my Moula Husain ! for ever on you, I will sacrifice O my Moula ! O my Moula Husain ! ‘ The poetic repetition (takrar) ‘ Moula Husain ‘, at the end of all the verses, is so very effective and is the essence – the ‘ruh’ of ABKIKA. In reminds one of the famous plea for succor verses of Syedna Al-Mu’ayyad al – Shirazi (RA) which we recite in the ‘Bawisa” - ya banil Mustafa alykum, alykum ( in you, in you, from you, from you etc : ) In ABKIKA, the mumineen receives the sawab of doing the tasbih of the name of Moula Husain (SA) The spiritual depth, the power, the motivation it gives to reflect and the beauty of ABKIKA has benefited me. It has inspired me, and resulted in 2 posts fulkul – Husain mulkul Husain Which goes to justify that in ABKIKA each verse , nay each line and each word contains, a sea of knowledge. What Sayedna Al- Mu’ayyad al-Shirazi (RA) addressed to the IMAM holds true in this context. Addressing the IMAM he says: Your knowledge is the sea and the knowledge possessed by all the world is like a drop from your overflowing sea. (Book Ref: Al-Muaayad al Shirazi and Fatimid Dawa Poetry – Dr. Tahera Qutbuddin) One is bound to move to tears if he reads the accompanied lisan ul dawat translation. The yearning, the pathos, the vivid and poignant imagery takes one on a spiritual journey and takes him/her back to the burning plains of Karbala on that fateful Ashura Day. How can one not be able to visualize the tragic events as they unfold in real time, if one is to read the verse 30. –‘rahu faayna faresu…… The state of the ‘haram’ on the day of Ashura is so poignantly depicted in the form of seeking answer to questions. The haram came out of their tents. The horse is there but where is the savar ? (rider) They started to look around ( how very moving, how true, it seems as if Aqa Moula was there, a witness to the events being unfolded) The question is repeated but the imagery is different, truly depicting the emotions and feelings of those, who are waiting for the loved one to return triumphant from the battlefield. The horse is there but where is the savar ? (rider) In fear and frustration they started to call out aloud The horse is there but where is the savar ? (rider) In deep sorrow and anguish they lamented (My translation does not do justice, but even if it moves you a little to reflect, you can well understand the power and depth of ABKIKA) In verse after verse, the tragic events of Karbala are infused with life and vitality in the minds of mumineen. In one verse, in anguish and pain he questions The hearts of muminen will not be shaken ? Tears will not gush forth from their eyes ? In another verse, he addresses the Day of Ashura. In one verse, directly addressing Imam Husain (SA) he affirms and declares, that Moula Imam Husain ! I always remember you, offering shukr, for your azeem bounties, and I am there ready and willing to carry out your commands. Do command me !! At the age of 101 Aqa Moula (TUS) is standing firm in the presence of Imam Husain (SA) in remembrance, doing shukr and awaiting his command. May ALLAH grant Aqa Moula (TUS) and his crowning jewel, his repose A’li Qadr Moylaya Mufaddal Saifuddin Moula (TUS) the strength to stand for ever in the radiant presence of Imam Husain (SA) for our emancipation and ascend. Ameen.

by MIND MINTS ( at April 08, 2012 01:57 PM

April 07, 2012

Saifee Surka

Amatullah Aaisaheba a.q.binte Syedi Jeevanji a.q., Aqeelat-e-Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a.jamnagar


Amatullah Aaisaheba a.q.
binte Syedi Jeevanji a.q., Aqeelat-e-Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a.
Vafat: 16 Jamadil Ula 1215 H. 1800 A.D. Jamnagar
Zaman: 43 ma Dai, Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a.


                        for jamnagar moze on my site: 

  • Amatullah Baisaheba a.q. ni shaadi 1204 H. ma Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a. ye potana biradar Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a. na saath Burhanpur ma ghani dhamdhum si kidi hati. Dawat ni jahojalalat na vaste Syedna ye ghanu mohtu kharch kidu. Holkar na Maharaja Sindia aa shaadi ma shamil thaya hata..
  • Aap na shiqam si be farzand thaya. Abdulhusain valadat na thora arsa baad gujri gaya, ane Abdul Taiyeb aap na vafat na thora arsa baad gujri gaya.
  • Shaadi na 11 varas baad 1215 H. ma aap vafat thaya.  Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r...

April 07, 2012 04:32 AM

Sheikh ul Faazil, Ibrahim "Saifee" Saheb,Surat

Sheikh ul Faazil, Ibrahim "Saifee" Saheb,
bin Sheikh Jeevabhai Rampuri
Vafat: 16 Jamadil Ula 1236 H. 1821 A.D. Surat
Zaman: 44ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin r.a.



  • Aap Mazoon-e-Dawat, Syedi Lukmanji bin Shk. Dawoodbhai [Madfoon-Udaipur] na Pota chhe.
  • Aap total ilm si mahir [knowledgable] tha. Ek arsa tak Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a. si ilm hasil kidu. Fikeh ne
    khub muhakkam ane majboot kidu. [Fikeh ma aap ekka [expert] hata.] Syedna Saifuddin r.a. ye aap ne "Saifee" laqab ataa kidu.
  • Aap ye ghana kitab likha chhe. Mashhoor kitabo ma " Kitabun Nikah fi Ahkamun Nikah",
    "Risalate Tohfate Ikhvanus-Safa" ane "Risalatul Libas" vagere chhe.  
  • Syedna Saifuddin r.a. ye aap ne Syedi Abdul Qadar Hakimuddin a.q. ni khidmat na farman kida.
    Syedna Izzuddin r.a. ye aap ne Sidhpur ni amalat sopi.
  • Sidhpur si aap Surat aaya, ane bimari ma vafat thaya. Aap ni qabr "Qubbat Najmiyah" ane "Qubbat Izziyah" ni vachma chhe.



Mulla Mehmoo...

April 07, 2012 04:22 AM

April 04, 2012

Shabbir Poonawala

My Dear Bank

My Dear Bank

I agree that YOU were the pioneer in bringing many changes in the way banks work, especially in India.

But, now, please stop ending sms / emails for visiting your ATM, while you are aware that most of your atm’s are either out of order, old, out of network, out of cash.


by SP at April 04, 2012 04:45 AM

April 03, 2012

Alaphia Zoyab

TIME magazine should pull Narendra Modi off the list

Reuters' Arko Dutta's iconic image of Qutubuddin Ansari begging for mercy during the riots. TIME magazine has shown extremely poor editorial judgement by including Narendra Modi in a voting list of 2012’s “influential” people who are “leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes.” As Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi is an elected leader - a sad outcome of India’s flawed

by Alaphia Zoyab ( at April 03, 2012 06:55 PM

April 01, 2012

Saifee Surka

Sheikh ul Faazil, Ibrahim "Saifee" Saheb, Surat

Sheikh ul Faazil, Ibrahim "Saifee" Saheb,
bin Sheikh Jeevabhai Rampuri
Vafat: 16 Jamadil Ula 1236 H. 1821 A.D. Surat
Zaman: 44ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin r.a.



  • Aap Mazoon-e-Dawat, Syedi Lukmanji bin Shk. Dawoodbhai [Madfoon-Udaipur] na Pota chhe.
  • Aap total ilm si mahir [knowledgable] tha. Ek arsa tak Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a. si ilm hasil kidu. Fikeh ne
    khub muhakkam ane majboot kidu. [Fikeh ma aap ekka [expert] hata.] Syedna Saifuddin r.a. ye aap ne "Saifee" laqab ataa kidu.
  • Aap ye ghana kitab likha chhe. Mashhoor kitabo ma " Kitabun Nikah fi Ahkamun Nikah",
    "Risalate Tohfate Ikhvanus-Safa" ane "Risalatul Libas" vagere chhe.  
  • Syedna Saifuddin r.a. ye aap ne Syedi Abdul Qadar Hakimuddin a.q. ni khidmat na farman kida.
    Syedna Izzuddin r.a. ye aap ne Sidhpur ni amalat sopi.
  • Sidhpur si aap Surat aaya, ane bimari ma vafat thaya. Aap ni qabr "Qubbat Najmiyah" ane "Qubbat Izziyah" ni vachma chhe.



Mulla Mehmoo...

April 01, 2012 06:51 AM

March 30, 2012

Saifee Surka

Moulatena Fatema a.s.shahadat


Moulatena Fatema a.s.

Shahadat : 10 Jamadil Ula 11 H. 632 A.D.





  •  Moulatena Fatema a.s. na viladat ni tawalli karnar je char bairo hata, te hata Sarah ( nabi Ibrahim na bairo), , Mariam,
    Aashiya (Firaun na javzah) , ane Kulsum ukhte Moosa Nabi a.s.
  • Aap na juda juda naam .............
    'Fatema'  ['Chhoravnar'],
    'Zehra' [Roshan Thavu],
    'Batool' [Pak, aap ne Haiz nohtu aavtu].
    Rasulullah s.a. aap ne 'Ummul Abiha' kehta, yaani potana bava ni maan.
  • Rasulullah s.a. farmavta ke Jannt na logo ma chaar bairo afzal chhe: Khadija a.s. ( Aap na bairo), Fatema a.s. ( Aap na dikri),
    Mariam binte Imran (Eesa nabi na ma saheba) ane Aashiya ( Firaun na bairo).
  • Moulatena Fatema a.s. ni shaadi  moulana Ali a.s. na saath thai. Aap ni hayati ma Moulana Alin a.s. ye biji shaadi nathi kidi.
    10 varas na sansar ma Moulatena Fatema a.s. ye koi din Fakr ke tangi ni shiqayat nathi kidi. Pote chakki pista,
    har kaam jate karta, Hasan Hus...

March 30, 2012 05:11 AM

Syedi Mulla Dawoodbhai bin M.Abdul Qader Ghogha

Syedi Mulla Dawoodbhai bin M.Abdul Qader ane temna bhai Mulla Yusufbhai

urs 9 Jamadil Ula, Ghogha

  • Bhavnagar na pase aavelu aa gaam ma Dawoodi Bohra Mazar complex dariya kinare chhe.
  • Mazar complex no Mahol ghano khushnuma chhe.
  • Yahan Syedi Mulla Dawoodbhai bin M.Abdul Qader na mazar chhe.
  • Aap na bhai Mulla Yusufbhai ni qabr qubba na bahar niche utarta j chhe.
  • Mazar Comlex ma Qubba ane masjid chhe, playgrond bhi banayu chhe.
  • Har jumoa yahan namaz jaman na saath thay chhe.
  • Gaam ma jain logo ni ane thori muslim vasti bhi chhe.
  • varso pehla yahan Mumineen vasta hase. Aqa moula t.u.s. ye Mumineen ne Ghogha vasava vaste amar kido chhe, aap moula t.u.s. ye haal Ghogha gaam ma ghani sawlat kidi chhe. Mumineen vaste furnished flats inayat kida chhe. 18 flats to chalu thai gaya chhe. bija haji bane chhe. Bhavnagar na aamil saheb ghana interest si aa project ne anjam aape chhe.

mulla saifuddin surka, ahmedabad

Ghogha [near Bhavnagar]

  • Ghogha is a historical town in Bhavnagar d...

March 30, 2012 04:59 AM

March 29, 2012

Saifee Surka

Mazoon-e-Dawat, Syedi Dawoodbhai Saheb a.q.ujjain


 Syedi Dawoodbhai Saheb a.q.

bin Syedi Abdul Qadar Hakimuddin a.q.
Vafat: 9 Jamadil Ula 1173 H. 1760 A.D. Ujjain
Zaman: 40ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Hebatullah Moayyed Fiddin r.a.


  • Syedi Dawoodbhai Saheb a.q. aap na valid Syedi Abdul Qadar Hakimuddin a.q. jivare bhi Dawat vaste padharta, tivare  saathe khidmat ma rehta.

  • Syedna Vajihuddin r.a. si Syedna A. Taiyeb Zakiuddin [r.a.] tak teen Doat ni khidmat kidi.

  • Syedna Vajihuddin r.a. ye aap ne Mukasir na rutba ma charhaya, ane Syedna Moayyed r.a. ye aap ne Mazoon no rutbo bakhsho.

  • Dawat ni rusumaat zinda karva vaste aap ye ghani saaye kidi.

  • 9 Jamadil Ula 1173 H. na din aap vafat thaya.  Aap ni qabr Qubbat Najmiyah-Ujjain ma chhe.



 Syedi Bawa Mulla Khan a.q. ( Madfoon-Rampura)---> Syedi Abdul Qader Hakimuddin a.q. (Madfoon- Burhanpur)--->  Syedi Dawoodbhai Saheb a.q.

mulla saifuddin surka, ahmedabad

mari site par:

March 29, 2012 05:35 AM

Miyan Raian bin Malek bin Hasan [a.q.] ahmedabad


Miyan Raian bin  Malek bin Hasan [a.q.]

Vafat: 8 Jamadil Ula  982 H.-1871 A.D.

Zaman: 26ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah  r.a.


     for more fotos: qutbi mazar ni ziyarat
  • Aap Hudud azeem ma si tha. Teen Doat ni khidmat kidi.

  • 24 ma Dai, Dail Ajal Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a. na Zaman ma aap Yemen hijrat kari gaya,
  • ek arsaa tak Yemen ma Dai-z-Zaman ni khidmat kidi.
  • Hindustan aavi ne aap ye Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin r.a. ane Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah [r.a.] ni khidmat kidi.

  • 8 Jamadil Ula 982 H. na din Ahmedabad ma vafat thaya.
  • Aap ni qabr Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah r.a. na Qubbat si niche utarta samnej  chhe.
  • Phota ma aagal ni qabr aap ni chhe,  jivar ma be hudud ni quboor chhe.


Mulla Saifuddin Surka n.k.d. Ahmedabad


March 29, 2012 05:20 AM

Syedi Mulla Wahedbhai Saheb bin Mulla Ibrahimji a.q. surat

Syedi Mulla Wahedbhai Saheb bin Mulla Ibrahimji a.q.
Vafat: 8 Jamadil Ula 1165 H. [1747 A.D.]-Surat
Zaman: 39ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Ibrahim Vajihuddin r.a.

  • Syedi Mulla Wahedbhai Saheb bin Mulla Ibrahimji a.q. Ahmedabad na vatni hata, ane mohta vepari hata. Ahmedabad ma zulm na zaman ma Ahmedabad chhori Surat aavi ne vepar shuru kido. Char anna [25 paisa] ma be [2] lungi banavta.  Chhoti [small]
    aamdani [income] ma ghar chalavta.

  • Panche farz masjid ma parhta. Roz Surat na Aamil, Syedi Hamzabhai bin Syedi Qasimkhan a.q. ni hazarat ma hazir thaata, ane
    nani mohti khidmat bajavta.

  • Shahrullah ma Mumineen ne jamarta. Aap na jaman ma hamesha barkat rehti. Ek rivayat ma chhe ke aap na pase ek barkatvalo charu [pot] hato, je ma kain pan muko, te ...

  • March 29, 2012 05:06 AM

    March 28, 2012

    Shabbir Poonawala

    Indian Railways

    Ever visited, the Indian Railways @ Nagpur station. So you must be well aware of the rough attitude, non-helping staff at ticketing counters. And yes, the gang of 10+ stray dogs roaming freely at the entire railway station.


    by SP at March 28, 2012 01:09 PM

    March 27, 2012

    Asgar F (Mind Mints)


    A very reflective and interesting Ted Talk video entitled ' Lets talk about Dying '

    Quote:' Death is but a dropping of the flower, so that the fruit may swell' If the terminally ill have faith in this one quote, I think facing death head on will be more beneficial to the patient and family members. Dr. Saul in his wonderful talk has proved the point, that intensive medical therapy does not save life - it is not life saving' , it merely prolongs people's life, it delays death and re-directs death, in the end the quality of life, after undergoing all the physical suffering and mental agony and the financial cost, the inevitable happens.

    So under the circumstances I feel it is better to inject some spiritual dose, in what ever form comfortable with the patient and his family to brace for the inevitable. Just 2 weeks back a 42 year old, diagnosed with advance cancer, having 3 small kids and the sole earning member of the family, found the courage and awareness in the words of a sage poet : ' If you really understand - death is the key to unlock life. In truth it is the womb that gives birth to everlasting life' Syedi Sadikali Saheb. Surat (India)

    After 3 days of his discharge from the hospital, death came ( for him everlasting life ) at night, when he called his wife and died in her arms. His family members in the meantime, told him that his children and wife, will be taken care of, and I found that his last days were peaceful.

    Another very moving and powerful Ted Talk video by a father who has seen the suffering of his terminally young daughter. A 'wake up' call for all those in power and authority, who are custodians of our life and who 'think' the decisions they make is for our general good. Is it so ? Do watch and reflect and share your views.

    by MIND MINTS ( at March 27, 2012 05:55 AM

    March 26, 2012

    Taher Suratwala

    Ice Cream Cone

    Today I sat across from Yusuf as he devoured an ice cream cone. Relative to him, it was giant and he finished it completely one lick at a time with ice cream all around his mouth when he was done. He says and does so many things that make me think of as older than he is. Watching him eat his ice cream cone was a reminder for me of how small he is and how much I still want to teach him.

    I just got back from India and it was a wonderful trip. We made the trip on short notice and I remember deciding whether or not to make the trip about a week before. After coming back and thinking about the last ten days, I can't now understand what the hesitation was. I want to teach Yusuf and Nooriya to make decisions that they will feel good about and remember weeks, months and even years later...without so much hesitation.

    by Taher ( at March 26, 2012 06:19 PM

    Shabbir Poonawala

    Who cares ?

    Well, Who Cares ? These are the only words coming to mind, in view of what I have been watching here in Nagpur since a week, month, quarter, about 8-9 months in Nagpur after returning from Dubai.

    Traffic rule: Who cares, those who are supposed to be on the squares, sit in a shade about 10 feet away from the square, nicely sitting on their bikes and selectively stopping people whom they think will pay them, for not following one or the other law. Even the government owned buses break the law.

    Airport: Yeah, its an International Airport (surprised!). But the standards are not even of a local airport. You have to pay parking fees, even if you don’t park your vehicle in their premises.

    Footfalls at Malls: These are countable on fingers in Nagpur. And, they themselves don’t care to get proper footfalls in their market place. One mall charges you 15Rs just to park your vehicle, even before you do anything there. And that too not in a proper manner. Another mall outlet, asks you to carry your own plastic bags to fill your purchases, as they will ask you for money to buy plastic bags, as per norms of Government ministry of some sort. And lo, you can’t take your plastic bags inside. You have to keep them outside at security counters, which sometimes does not issue tokens also. And when you stand in long queue and get your bills made, you come out, take the plastic bags, go inside, fill your things, and again come back.

    Is anyone reading ?

    MIHAN, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagpur International Airport, Big Bazaar (Future Group), Empress Mall (Empress City).

    by SP at March 26, 2012 09:59 AM

    March 25, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    Iskandriya [Alexandria]


    Iskandriya [Alexandria]


    • Iskandriya misr nu ghanu qadeem shahar chhe. 23 century puranu chhe. Sikander Badshah ye 332 vasayu hatu.
    • Aa shahar sakafat aalamiyah nu markaz bani gayu, ane ehni azeem maktabat [ Library] na sabab aalam ma mashhoor bani gayu.
    • Ehma "minara al Iskandriya" qadeem aasaar ma si chhe, je Ajayebe Duniya [wonders of the world] ma si ginvama aavtu hatu.
    • Share'en Nabi Daniyal [ Nabi Daniyal street] ma "Masjidun nabi Daniyal" chhe. jema ek jaanib ma niche na hissa ma Maoulana Luqman al hakim a.s. ane moulana Daniyal nabi a.s. ni qabr mubarak chhe.
    • 18 H. 639 A.D. ma mis ma Islam ni futuhaat [ victory ] thai, te waqt Iskandriya misr nu aasemat [Capital] hatu. Te baad Amru bin al Aaas ye ek fasih [vast] makan ke je Husne Babylon na shimal ma chhe, vahan Fusutaat shahar vasayu.
    • Al Imam Moulana Moiz billah a.s. Magrib na bilad si misr padhara te waqt Iskandriya na raasta si padhara chhe.


    March 25, 2012 04:38 AM

    Iskandriya [Alexandria]


    Iskandriya [Alexandria]


    • Iskandriya misr nu ghanu qadeem shahar chhe. 23 century puranu chhe. Sikander Badshah ye 332 vasayu hatu.
    • Aa shahar sakafat aalamiyah nu markaz bani gayu, ane ehni azeem maktabat [ Library] na sabab aalam ma mashhoor bani gayu.
    • Ehma "minara al Iskandriya" qadeem aasaar ma si chhe, je Ajayebe Duniya [wonders of the world] ma si ginvama aavtu hatu.
    • Share'en Nabi Daniyal [ Nabi Daniyal street] ma "Masjidun nabi Daniyal" chhe. jema ek jaanib ma niche na hissa ma Maoulana Luqman al hakim a.s. ane moulana Daniyal nabi a.s. ni qabr mubarak chhe.
    • 18 H. 639 A.D. ma mis ma Islam ni futuhaat [ victory ] thai, te waqt Iskandriya misr nu aasemat [Capital] hatu. Te baad Amru bin al Aaas ye ek fasih [vast] makan ke je Husne Babylon na shimal ma chhe, vahan Fusutaat shahar vasayu.
    • Al Imam Moulana Moiz billah a.s. Magrib na bilad si misr padhara te waqt Iskandriya na raasta si padhara chhe.


    March 25, 2012 04:37 AM

    March 24, 2012

    Moiz Nagpurwala

    March 21, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    Moulatena Fatema a.s.


    Moulatena Fatema a.s.

    vafat: 10  jamadil Ula





    •  Moulatena Fatema a.s. na viladat ni tawalli karnar je char bairo hata, te hata Sarah ( nabi Ibrahim na bairo), , Mariam,
      Aashiya (Firaun na javzah) , ane Kulsum ukhte Moosa Nabi a.s.
    • Aap na juda juda naam .............
      'Fatema'  ['Chhoravnar'],
      'Zehra' [Roshan Thavu],
      'Batool' [Pak, aap ne Haiz nohtu aavtu].
      Rasulullah s.a. aap ne 'Ummul Abiha' kehta, yaani potana bava ni maan.
    • Rasulullah s.a. farmavta ke Jannt na logo ma chaar bairo afzal chhe: Khadija a.s. ( Aap na bairo), Fatema a.s. ( Aap na dikri),
      Mariam binte Imran (Eesa nabi na ma saheba) ane Aashiya ( Firaun na bairo).
    • Moulatena Fatema a.s. ni shaadi  moulana Ali a.s. na saath thai. Aap ni hayati ma Moulana Alin a.s. ye biji shaadi nathi kidi.
      10 varas na sansar ma Moulatena Fatema a.s. ye koi din Fakr ke tangi ni shiqayat nathi kidi. Pote chakki pista,
      har kaam jate karta, Hasan Husain ni kafala...

    March 21, 2012 05:23 AM

    Mazoon-e-Dawat,Syedi Qazikhan bin Ali a.q.Sidhpu


    Syedi Qazikhan bin Ali a.q.
    Vafat: 3 Jamadil Ula, 1141 H. 1728 A.D. Sidhpur
    Zaman: 38ma Dai, Syedna Ismail Badruddin r.a. (Saani)


    for more fotos,


    • Syedi Qazikhan bin Ali a.q. Doat-e-Badriyeen na zaman na Hudud kiram tha. Ilmul Aalim tha. Syedna Abdul Taiyeb Zaqiuddin r.a. si  Syedna Ismail Badruddin r.a. (Saani) tak char Doat ni khidmat kidi, Syedna Badruddin r.a. na aap Mukasir ane baad ma Mazoon tha.
    • Syedna Nooruddin r.a. ni ibtedai [ shuruaat nu] taalim nu sharaf aap ne hasil thayu.
    • Aap Sidhpur na vaali tha. Sidhpur ni aabadi ma aapp no hisso mohto chhe. Ilm nasar karva ni aap ye ghani saaye kidi. Vali tha, murtaz tha, zaki tha. Raato ma ghani ibadat karta. Koi waqt bhi aap ni Safa,Vatar fauq thai nathi.
    • Aap na zaman ma Ahmedbad ma 15 Mogul Suba thai gaya. Gujarat ma te waqt Haider Kulikhan subo hato. Dushm...

    March 21, 2012 05:03 AM

    March 19, 2012

    Shabbir Poonawala

    Surat — The Diamond City

    Surat is also known as the Diamond City. I had been to Surat for 12 days. And yes, I got two Diamonds too, which cannot be valued, the Qadambosi sharaf of both Aqa Maula TUS and His Mansoos Mufaddal Maula TUS.

    by SP at March 19, 2012 11:55 AM

    March 16, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    March 13, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    Moulai Habibullah a.q.bin Sheikh Sultanali Bharuchi, Bharuch

    Moulai Habibullah a.q.
    bin Sheikh Sultanali Bharuchi, Wafat: 22 Rabiul Ukhra, 1282 H. [1866 A.D.] Bharuch

    Zaman: 47ma Dai, Syedna Abdul Qader Najmuddin r.a.

    • Aap Dail Ajal, Syedna Taher Saifuddin r.a. na nana chhe.
    • Dawat vaste Bharuch padharela. ane yahan Bharuch ma vafat thaya chhe.
    • Aap na javzah Sakinabai Saheba Sheikh Shahmalak [Burhanpur] ni nasal ma si chhe.
    • Aap na qubbat Bharuch ma chhe. 1385 H. ma teni taamir thai chhe.

    Aap no shaajro aa misal chhe:

                        Mulla Jivabhai----> Sheikh Shahmalak [Burhanpur]------>Sheikh Hebatullah [Madfoon, Burhanpur]----> Sheikh Valibhai [Madfoon, Burhanpur]------>Sheikh Sultanali ------>Sakinabai Saheba [Madfoon, Burhanpur]--Javzat-e--Moulai Habibullah a.q.-{Madfoon, Bharuch }------>Amatullah Aaisaheba [Madfoon, Mumbai] ----[Aqilate 49ma Dai, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin r.a. - Madfoon...

    March 13, 2012 04:27 AM

    36ma Dai, Dail Ajal,Syedna Moosa Kalimuddin r.a, Jamnagar


    36ma Dai, Dail Ajal,
    Syedna Moosa Kalimuddin r.a
    najle Syedna Abdultaiyeb Zakiuddin r.a.
    Vafat: 22 Rabiul Ukhra, 1110-1122 H.  Jamnagar
    Daur 12 varas

    Mawazeen-e-Dawat: 1. Syedi Sheikh Adam Safiuddin a.q.  2. Syedna Noor Mohammad Nooruddin r.a.
       Syedi Khanji Feer Saheb a.q.

    For Jamnagar mashhad photos, pl click or copy-paste on the site: 

    aa akhbar mari site par


    • Ale Bharmal na aap teesra Dai chhe.
    • Aap na Bavaji Saheb ni misal aap no zaman bhi mehnat ane taklif no hato. Aurangzeb ni huqumqt [reign] hati. Tena baad na Mogul Badshah,  Bahadurshah na zaman ma musibato kam thai.
    • Dushmano ye Jamnagar na raja Jam ne behkayo ke Syedna Kalimuddin r.a. na paase ghano khazano chhe. Jam ye teen lakh ru...

    March 13, 2012 04:11 AM

    March 08, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    25ma Dai, Dail Ajal,Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin r.a. Ahmedabad


    25ma Dai, Dail Ajal,
    Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin r.a.
    bin Almoula Hasan a.q.
    Vafat: 16 Rabiul Ukhra, 975 H. 1568 A.D. Ahmedabad

    Maazoon-e-Daawat: Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah r.a.

               For Syedana_Jalal_r.a._na_mazar photos, pl click or copy-paste on the site:

    also see in video, mazar s.jalal r.a.


    aa varas ni aqa Moula t.u.s. ni Ahmedabad ni visit ma Shz. Huzefa b.s. no inteqal thayo, te aap saghla ne khabar chhe.

    Shz saheb ne Syedna Jalal Shmsuddin na qaubba ma dafan kida chhe, tey aap ne khabar chhe.

    aa saathe 2 fotos vahan na muku chhun.


    • Aap ye 23ma Dai Syedna Mohammed Izuddin r.a. na zaman ma Yemen hijrat kidi. Syedna Mohammed Izuddin r.a. vafat thaya, tivare aap Yemen ma j hata. Mehnat na waqt ma aap ye Dawat ni ghani khidm...

    March 08, 2012 04:09 AM

    March 07, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    Al Quds, Part 1

    Al Quds


                 Part 1

    Mulla Saifuddin Surka, Ahmedabad

    March 07, 2012 07:09 AM

    March 06, 2012

    Mohammed Talib


    I have turned into a major Goodreads fan.

    For those of you who don’t know, Goodreads is a social networking site for book lovers, premised on the idea that recommendations from people you know are more valuable than recommendations from an algorithm that tries to discern what books a customer may enjoy based on what they previously bought (cough *Amazon* cough). 

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that many of my friends are on Goodreads. So, as you’ve probably inferred, I’m not getting as much value from that social side of the Goodreads experience.

    It turns out that I  don’t know many people who (a) read voraciously and (b) are on Goodreads (I hope that the main reason for my social poverty is (b) and not (a)).

    So how come I’m spending so much time on Goodreads?

    Its value boils down to three things: (1) Memory (2) Anticipation and (3) Understanding. Goodreads has helped me get all three in relation to my bibliophilia. Let me explain how:

    (1) Memory

    Firstly, now that I’m reading again, I tend to forget what I’ve read, and I tend to forget what I thought about what I read. Goodreads lets me keep a list of books that I’ve read and approximately quantify my experience. It also lets me mark down what I’d like to read, so that when I find myself ‘high and dry’ without a next book to turn to, I at least have some suggestion as to where to go next.

    Whilst I’m not reading anyway nearly as voraciously as I used to, I still have read enough, and for long enough, that I don’t remember what I’ve read during my younger years. Sometimes, covering forgotten ground yields its own rewards as books that I didn’t ‘get’ as much as a child make much more sense when you’ve experienced the adult world. Sometimes though, you find that books are exactly as you remember them, in which case the re-reading experience seems rather hollow.

    (2) Anticipation

    Secondly, Goodreads is amazing at recommendations. Although I don’t have many friends who are suggesting books to me, it has its own recommendation engine that gives suggestions about where it thinks I’d like to go next.

    A lot my current reading is being directed by suggestions that pop  up on my radar from Goodreads, either based on what I’ve currently read or what I’ve been reading. And yes I know that I’m being fed choices by a computer algorithm from it. I just feel its a better algorithm than Amazon’s at the moment.

    Goodreads also makes a concerted effort to keep up with, and make accessible, all the big book prizes, such as the Pulitzer, Man-Booker, Hugo or Nebula so that I can have a central source from which to identify what, at least in theory, should be better than average fiction.

    One of the prices of reading in the real world, instead of reading in the world with infinite time to read, is that I feel the pressure to make good choices about what I read. I don’t have the time to invest in reading unsatisfactory books, or authors who just don’t resonate. Whilst I’ve learned that some things have to be left behind half-finished I’m still not entirely comfortable cutting the cord. I’ve still got Erin Morgenstern’s much hyped “The Night Circus” half finished, and its half-finished status vexes me as much as the stage-managed prose did. I’d rather make good choices at the start instead of trying to remove myself from bad choices at the end.

    To an extent, both of these these benefits are amplified by the Kindle. Kindle samples has just been the most amazing blessing. I can test almost any book before committing to buy it.  I can test an almost infinite number of books. Once I find something I like, I can buy it with almost zero effort for a price that is less than a third of what a book costs on the shelf in Hong Kong (if you can find it). That destroys almost every significant barrier to trying out a new book.

    (3) Understanding

    The final thing, the most valuable thing, is that Goodreads actually told me a lot about what kind of books I enjoy.

    Before I got my Kindle, and before I started paying attention to Goodread’s list of books, I was on a classics kick. Reading the books that were highly rated, highly recommended and considered immortal exemplars of the writers art.  And yet, I wasn’t getting as much satisfaction from reading. I wasn’t getting my storytelling fix.

    Goodreads showed to me that a big part of the storytelling I enjoy  fits within three genres (1) history (2) sci-fi and (3) fantasy.  History, like sci-fi and fantasy, has to be epic before people will write about it. A historical moment has to matter, and what it reveals about people, nations and epochs is often the greatest lesson we can take away from history.

    I get that same kind of satisfaction from sci-fi and fantasy.  If anything, because these genres don’t have to fit into the constraints imposed by reality (and often break those constraints in pretty fixed ways (e.g. magic, time travel, space drive etc) it lets us put people into positions which people can never actually encounter in the modern world. Good writers can make those worlds, those concerns, and those consequences, believable in a way that makes you riveted by the narrative as it unfurls. I like the unconventional ways of thinking, and the altered perspectives, that come from these genres.

    I’ve taken that realisation to heart, and am making a much more focused effort to weave in fantasy and sci-fi into my reading. The price of that is that if feels like I’m making less progress in my desire to experience a more diverse palate of fiction.

    Sometimes, you have to accept what you like for what it is and not what you think you ought to like.

    by mtalib at March 06, 2012 01:36 PM

    Shabbir Poonawala

    Thats life

    There is an old saying, ‘When you smile, the world smiles with you; When you cry, you are alone’.

    Yes, thats life and its true too. When you are smiling and happy, everyone around you will smile. When you cry, you will be perfectly alone, no one, yes, no one, not a single soul on the earth will be besides you, whatever be the relationship which you share with anyone in the world, you shall be alone when you cry.

    Life goes on.

    by SP at March 06, 2012 03:36 AM

    March 05, 2012

    Shabbir Poonawala

    Treasure Hunt

    Sunday, 4th March 2011, Toloba ul Kulliyat il Mumineen, Shantinagar, Nagpur had organized Treasure Hunt, on bike and car.

    They had a good response, and I’m sure the response will grow on, if they keep track of timings. About 2 hours we were waiting for the start of the program. We had been called for to report by 7.45am, and our car (no 9) was flagged off at 9.46am.

    Overall, it was a well organized function, except that they missed Time Management.

    We had to drive fast, for 46 kms drive, covering almost 1/3rd of the ring road encircling nagpur from shantinagar to kille kolar. Then began the treasure hunt, searching for 8 items in the trees.

    Good work. Keep it up Toloba.

    2012-03-04 09.23.52 2012-03-04 09.28.18

    by SP at March 05, 2012 12:17 PM

    March 04, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    shk taiyebbawa bim mullaa jivabhai, burhanpur


    Sheikh Taiyeb Bawa

    bin Mulla Jivabhai,

    Vafat: 17 Rabiul Ukhra, 1214 H. 1800 A.D. Burhanpur

    Zaman: 43ma Dai, Dail Ajal, Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin r.a.

    • Sheikh Taiyeb Bawa Shahmalak bin Mulla Jivabhai [Burhanpur] na biradar chhe.
    • Aap Dail Ajal Syedna Hebatullah Moayyed na Hudud ma si tha.
    • Mumineen ni khidmat vaste aap hamesha hazir rehta. Saghala na nana mohta kaam kari aapta.
    • Dail Ajal Syedna Taher Saifuddin r.a. na nana Moulai Habibullah [Bharuch] na Javzah Sakinabai Saheba aap na rishta ma chhe. [see shajarah. wafat year 1170 H.nahi pan 1214 H. chhe]
    • Aap ni qabr Burhanpur ma Gam ni Masjid ma chhe. Je Masjid 1168 H. ma bani hui chhe.
    • Aap na jivar ma aap na Bairo Khadija Bai binte Firoz bhai ni qabr chhe.




                             Tohfat-o-Akhbarrul Hudat [1414 H.]       &nbsp...

    March 04, 2012 11:57 AM

    March 02, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    Syedi Ismailji Badruddin Shaheed a.q.Godhra

    Syedi Ismailji Badruddin Shaheed a.q.
    najle Mukasire Dawat,Syedi Kalimuddin

    Vafat:14 Rabiul Ukhra, 1200 H. [ 1786 A.D.]
    Godhra- Gujarat, India
    Zaman: 42ma Dai Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a.


    For mashhad photos, pl click or copy-paste on the site:


    • Aap aale bharmal na nabira chhe.
    • Aap 39ma Dai, Syedna Ibrahim Vajihuddin r.a. na Navasa ( Daughter's Son), ane 41ma Dai Syedna Abdul Taiyeb Zakiuddin r.a. na Bhatija ( Nephew) ane Damad (Son-in-Law) chhe. Aap na bairo nu naam fatema bai chhe.
    • Aap nu laqab Badruddin chhe.
    • 42ma Dai Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin r.a. ye aap ne Godhra ni Dawat vaste mokla hata. Dahod jata rasta ma Saniara muqame Bhil logo ye aap ne shaheed kida.
    • Godhra na ek Mumin ne khwab thayu, ane aap na lasha mubarakah ne Godhra lavi dafan kida.
    • Aap na qubba Godhra ma Mohalla ni Masjid na sahan ma chhe. Development chalu chhe.


    Bharmalji --->Moulai Yaqub (Mad...

    March 02, 2012 06:23 AM

    Moulai Abdur Rasul Shaheed a.q. Banswara

    Moulai Abdur Rasul Shaheed a.q.
    bin Mulla Noorbhai
    Shahadat: 10 Rabiul Akhar, 1120 H. 1710 A.D. Banswara
     Zaman: 36ma Dai, Syedna Abdemoosa Kalimuddin r.a.



    • Moulai Abdur Rasool ilm, amal, zohod, taqwa ane diyanat na saheb tha. 
    • 35ma Dai, Syedna Abdul Taiyeb Zakiuddin r.a. [ Madfoon-Jamnagar] ni aap ye ghani khidmat kidi chhe. Aap Syedna Abdul Taiyeb Zakiuddin r.a. ane Moulai Hasanji Badshah a.q. [Madfoon-Ujjain] na saath, Aurangabad, Dongam ane Burhanpur ni safar ma saathe hata. Aap vahan si Moulai Hasanji a.q. na saath Ahmedabad padhara. Ahmedabad ma Mumineen par ghano zulm no zaman hato, ehva waqt ma aap Mumineen ni dhaal bani ne rahya.
    • 36ma Dai, Syedna Kalimuddin r.a. ye aap ne Vaghad ni taraf Dawat vaste mokla. Vahan Dawat vaste Galakot jata rasta ma 'Keral' gaon na paas ek Arab aap ni saath thaya. Aagal jata dushmano ye aap beve ne gheri lida, ane teer si jakhmi kida.   Aap ane saudagar beve mara gaya. Dush...

    March 02, 2012 05:49 AM

    March 01, 2012

    Saifee Surka

    Shabbir Poonawala

    Whats that line ?

    While returning back from Mumbai, took these two pics. Am not sure what those two dark lines are ? Can someone shed any lights on it ?

    2012-02-21 07.29.59 2012-02-21 07.30.40

    by SP at March 01, 2012 07:33 AM